Visas for USA


USA is the country everyone dreams to settle in. Here we have summarized some of the USA visa categories.

  1. USA B1 Visitor Visa: B1 and B2 is for people who want to enter USA on a temporary basis for business or for pleasure or any medical treatment. The stay in US under this visa is for a specific period.
  2. USA E1 Treaty Traders Visa: This visa is for citizens of a country having treaty of commerce and navigation who intends to enter USA for substantial trade purpose.
  3. USA E2 Investment Visa: E2 visa is for citizens of country having treaty of commerce and navigation who intends to enter USA for substantial trade, trade in services or technology or to carry on direct operations of an organization or business in which the citizen has invested.
  4. USA E3 Visa: E3 category is for Australian nationals, their spouses and children who intend to enter to USA to work in a specialty occupation.
  5. USA Eb-5 Immigration Investor Visa: This visa is to obtain permanent residency by investing funds in USA.
  6. USA F-1 Visa: This category of visa is very popular. It is for students who want to come to USA to study in American language schools or universities. You can change the university within USA while on student visa.
  7. USA H1b Visa: H1b is the official USA work visa allowing people from all over the world to come and work there for specialty occupations. This can be termed as USA skilled migrant visa also.
  8. USA H2b Visa: This visa is for people who intend to enter in USA for any seasonal work on a temporary basis which is non-agricultural. Spouses and unmarried children can accompany the main visa holder but they are not authorized to work.
  9. L1 Visa: USA intra company transfer visa allows companies to send their people to work on any major function up to 7 years.
  10. Spouse K3 Visa: This is a kind of waiting visa for spouses of US citizens who are awaiting their permanent residency. This is a non-immigrant visa.

Some other categories include Entertainer Visa, Esta Visa, Green Card Visa, USA I Members of the Media Visa, J-1 Visa, M-1 Visa and Marine Crew Visa C-1/D. Before filing in USA visa application, you should check in all the USA visa requirements as they are very strict about the documentation part.