UK Visas


The royal country of UK has its own charm that attracts a lot of migrants every year. Below we have listed some of the UK visas that might help you:

  1. UK Ancestry Visa: This category if visas allows the grandchildren of grandparents born in the UK or Channel Islands or the Isle of ManThe UK Ancestry Visa gives Commonwealth nationals with a grandparent born to live and work in UK for up to 5 years. After completion of 5 years they can apply for permanent residency.
  1. UK Intracompany Transfer – Tier 2 Visa: This visa allows employees of MNC’s to work in UK for long or short term in their UK branch. It allows them for short trips too.
  1. UK Prospective Marriage Visa: This visa allows a UK citizen or a permanent resident to bring in his or her partner to UK to marry in next 6 months.
  1. UK Skilled Migration – Tier 1 Visa: This visa is for highly skilled workers, they can migrate to UK for self employment opportunities. It is a points based system.
  1. UK Skilled Migrant Visa: The UK work visa or work permit allows you to come and work in UK. Permanent residency can be applied for later on.
  1. UK Sponsored Skilled Worker – Tier 2 Visa: Under this visa you are sponsored to work in UK for a maximum period of 3 years. After expiration of the visa you can re-apply for this visa.
  1. UK Student Visa: UK is home to many esteemed colleges and universities. Student visa allows you to study in UK and after completing 6 months you are allowed to work.
  2. UK Working Holiday Maker Visa: This category of visa allows people aged 18 to 30 to travel and work for up to 2 years in the UK.

Some other categories include UK Youth Mobility Scheme – Tier 5 Visa, business visa, citizenship visa, entertainer visitor visa, family permit visa, indefinite leave to remain visa, sole representative visa and tourist visa. You should cautiously check all the UK visa requirements while filing in UK visa application to avoid any unwanted situation.