New Zealand


There are different types of New Zealand visa which a foreign national can submit an application for to gain entry into and live in New Zealand. The tenure of residence in New Zealand will depend on the type of visa the applicant submitted a New Zealand visa application for. Basically there are 4 types of visas:

  1. Residence Visa – Those who wish to live permanently in New Zealand may only apply for the residence visa which gives them to right to live and work in New Zealand. A residence permit and New Zealand work visa will be issued giving the holder freedom to work and live. As a permanent resident, you get to enjoy the same benefits as New Zealanders such as same tuition, government loads and student support, after a qualifying period of time. After 3 years of staying in New Zealand without issues, you qualify to apply for Citizenship and a New Zealand passport. There are basically 6 categories under which applicants can apply for permanent residence and they include
  • General Skills category – This is the category, also known as the New Zealand Skilled Migrant visa category, is for those who have specific skills that are desirable to the New Zealand government.
  • Investor Category – For applicants with funds between $10,000 to $200,00 New Zealand dollars and want to invest it in New Zealand.
  • Entrepreneur Category – For business people who have shown proficiency in establishing and running a business for up to 2 years and who own up to 25% share of their own business
  • Family Category – This include people who are married to NZ citizens, parents of NZ citizens and adult unmarried residents of NZ etc.
  • Humanitarian Category – This include people with serious emotional and medical issues who have a family member in NZ.
  • Refugee Category – This include refugees of foreign country. Only a limited number is accepted per year.

All the above are eligible to apply for permanent residence and migrate to New Zealand.

  1. Visitor Visas – This is for those who wish to visit NZ either for business or pleasure. Such must be invited or must have a proof of purpose for visiting NZ. They must also met set New Zealand Visa requirements.
  2. Student Visa – For students who are foreign nationals and have gotten an admission in New Zealand at a recognized institution. Such are to submit valid New Zealand Visa Application and present appropriate documents.