Denmark Green Card Scheme

The Danish Green Card Scheme visa offers the opportunity to foreign nationals go receive an 18-month residence permit which allows them to seek work eventually start working in Denmark, with a valid Denmark work permit. Work and residence permit under the Danish Green card scheme is issued based on assessment and evaluation of the individual using the point based system which is designed to help assess the likelihood that the applicant will be able to qualify for jobs available in Denmark.

For Nordic citizens, residence permits are not required to enter into Denmark, they are free to live and work in Denmark. EU/EEA citizens or Swiss citizens must apply for proof of registration at the Administration of Regional State to be able to move freely in Denmark. In some cases, EU countries’ citizens may need to apply for a Denmark work permit at the Immigration Service if they are to be allowed to work in Denmark.

For those who already hold a Danish residence permit via the family reunification or asylum means, or on humanitarian grounds, work permits are not required to start working in Denmark. It is however the responsibility of every immigrant to find out if they require a work permit or and apply if they need to in order to avoid the risk of deportation or imprisonment.

Conditions for the Denmark Green Card Scheme

Before a foreign national can be granted a residence permit under the Green card scheme, he or she must have submitted a valid Denmark visa application and must have attained at least 100 points. Points are based on language proficiency, work experience, adaptability, age and educational level. Immigrants are expected to also have full health insurance covering them and family members until the Danish national health insurance starts to cover them.

The applicant for the Green card permits and visas must be able to provide support for his or herself during the first year in Denmark. For this, there has to be a proof of a required amount of money which is equal to the Danish Start Aid.

The start aids monthly is:

  • DKK 5267 for everyone under the age of 25 and living alone
  • DKK 6351 for everyone over the age of 25 and living alone
  • DKK 5267 for everyone who has spouses or cohabiting partners
  • DKK 1317 per child for every married couple or people cohabiting with parents
  • DKK 1589 per child for single parents

Each amount stated above is monthly. By multiplying the figure by 12, the yearly amount is arrived at and this must be available at the time of application for the Denmark permanent residence permit.