It is a program which is also known as International Experience Canada or IEC. Every year, a quota is agreed between all the participating countries which regulates the amount of Canadian working holiday visas available. If you are one of the  accepted candidates, then this will allow you to live, travel & work in the country for a period of 1 whole year.

If you possess a certain skill or a qualification that Canada might need, you can apply for Canada Skilled Migration Visa. Canada Spouse Visa lets you bring your spouse along with you and lets him/her work in the country. If you only want to visit Canada for a vacation, then you need to have a Canada Visit Visa.

Requirements for Canada working holiday  Application

  1. Age – A person should be at least 18-30 years old.
  2. Criminal record – Canadian Immigration Authority will certainly check your criminal history for any serious committed crimes, convictions or any kind of restrictions to visit the foreign countries. Therefore your Criminal record should be clean.
  3. Sufficient funds – You have to provide a proof of your bank account which states that you are able to support your stay in the country (minimum C$ 2,500).
  4. Medical checkup – You have to undergo the medical examinations by the panel doctor if you want to work in health services.
  5. Holding a passport which belongs to an eligible country. It should be valid for the time period of your intended visit in Canada.

You will be asked some questions during online processing & your application will be screened for certain criteria if you decide to participate in this IEC Canada program.